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On Fuori dal divano incontriamo psicoanalisti che lavorano in unità di dialisi, cliniche prenatali, sale riunioni aziendali, centri sociali, organizzazioni umanitarie e con i lavoratori dei vigneti, solo per citarne alcuni. Ci auguriamo che queste conversazioni ampliano la nostra consapevolezza di come il pensiero psicoanalitico si estenda in generale alle nostre comunità. 

Fuori dal divano
 è prodotto e ospitato da Harvey Schwartz MD, presidente dell'IPA in Health Committee, e Steven S. Rolfe MD.

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Episode 102: Trauma and the Capacity for Gratitude with Heinz Weiss, MD

Descrizione episodio: We begin by clarifying the meaning of trauma from its commonplace references all the way to the trauma of parental figures maintaining a malignant view of their child. We discuss the impact of early trauma on development with particular attention to the limitations on the capacity for nuanced affect and symbolization. Heinz describes in detail how this level of concreteness lives in the analytic situation and is shared in the counter-transference. The analyst’s ability to imperfectly tolerate the projection of badness into them is demonstrated in his clinical vignette. The patient describes herself, There is something in me which is part of me and not part of me which thinks that I only have a right to live if I feel bad. We learn how that addictive attachment to dependable badness sustains her until she needs it less over the course of her analysis. The deepening capacity to tolerate guilt and for whole object gratitude marks the analysand’s healing.

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Heinz Weiss, M.D., is the Head of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart. He is also the head of the Medical Division and member of the directorate of the Sigmund-Freud Institute, Frankfurt/Main, and Chair of the Education Section of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

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